Cutting Edge Career Paths For The Digitally Oriented

Let’s face it; the internet and all things digital are here to stay, so it makes sense for a variety of careers to pop up that all deal with the digital world. While this does not mean that the more old- fashioned jobs are on their way out, it does mean that those more digitally oriented and digital savvy have a better chance of getting the big bucks by working online. Here are some possible career paths for those who are interested in going digital for their futures:

Be a Problem Solver
Coders, decoders and code breakers are all in high demand in the world of digital because a very few number are talented enough to do it. Gone are the days when mathematicians sat around a table with reams of paper trying to decode some enemy message; today, the most brilliant mathematical minds engage in pattern recognition using sophisticated software and supercomputers that can spit data at you faster than you can blink. If you are good at maths and interested in coding, a future as a digital problem solver might be on the cards. Agencies around the world (both state and non-state) keep an eye out for the appearance of talent, so all you have to do is make yourself heard; publish a paper, or hack into the pentagon.

Be an Online Marketer
Since products are now available online, so is the marketing. But digital marketing is a whole other ball game from traditional marketing. New rules come into being every day as the giants on the scene make and remake their codes. So in areas like the fast developing Middle East, there are plenty of opportunities for qualified digital marketers to show off their understanding of the web, by promoting new brands in digital agency UAE Turkey, Qatar etc. Digital marketers use social media, search engine optimization, web advertisements, and other strategies to promote the brands of the company/ies they represent. For instance, in a digital agency UAE, if a marketer wants to promote a certain hotel, he can set up social media accounts for the hotel with the relevant content, he can pay for search engines to optimize their hotel on search result lists, and he can pay for review sites to run their banner advertisements.

Be a Digital Storyteller
The internet is also a place for new and exciting entertainment content, particularly in web videos on user- dominated streaming sites. If you have some creative bones in your body then use the internet and its accompanying potential for dissemination by creating digital literature such as web series, digital albums, youtube marketing etc. Transmedia story telling is all the rage on the internet these days.